LED Marking Sign


LED Nahberichskennzeichnung zur Kennzeichnung von Offshore-Strukturen.


Technical Details

Model LED Marking Sign
Light source LED
Light output 0 - 10 cd/m², adjustable
Light colour Yellow (592nM)
Housing Stainless steel AISI 316L (housing) UV-Proof PMMA (inlet)
Number of characters per sign 1 - 4
Character height 650 mm
Character width 555 mm (depending on character)
Font DIN 1451 (Sans serif)
Visibility distance 500 m
IP Rating IP66
Ambient temperature -30 °C up to +45 °C
Voltage range 24 Vdc
Systempower Approx. 1.5 W/character
Mounting Rail mounting
Connection Flying lead (Lenght on customers request)
Weight Approx. 10 kg/character
Dimensions Approx. 793xWx70 HxWxL (width depending on number and type of characters)
Regulations BSH (Germany)

Order Details

Article Code Number of characters Voltage Connection Weight
SigMare LT10 Invers 1 24 Vdc Flying lead 10 kg
SigMare LT10 Invers 2 2 24 Vdc Flying lead 20 kg
SigMare LT10 Invers 3 3 24 Vdc Flying lead 30 kg
SigMare LT10 Invers 4 4 24 Vdc Flying lead 40 kg